Argentine Leather

The Reputation of Argentine leather

Those who are not experts will think that leather is the same everywhere, but this is not true; especially when talking about Argentine leather, whose quality is surpassed by none.  Rising exports mark the product’s recognition from the most demanding markets.  Argentina has invested in optimum technology and qualified labour resulting in leather with extraordinary value.  The international leather industry is developing and this is why it needs to import goods.
The most important buyer is China, followed by the USA, Mexico, Italy, Holland and Brazil.  The auto industry uses Argentine leather for their most exclusive high-end cars; 25% of all the leather needed for car manufacturing is from Argentina.  The epicenters of high fashion demand fine leather that complies with the highest quality standards.  Over 80% of all Argentine leather produced is sold to the international market.  This is due to the quality of Argentina’s leather.
How to care for your leather products

To maintain the leather new, every 15 days gently stroke it with a damp soft cloth to remove dust.  Every 6 months, use a leather shampoo to wash away build-up and then apply a leather cream to hydrate it.
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