About Us

Magnolia Fine Leather Accessories Inc. is a company with a passion for bringing together elegance, craftsmanship and inspiring styles.  A quality you can trust!  Our manufacturers are always designing fashionable and sophisticated leather handbags, wallets and accessories. We endeavour to provide the latest leather accessories to our stylish fashion conscious consumers. All of our Argentinian leather handbags are made to order in limited quantities.  No Mass Production.  What this means is unique, beautiful, superior quality leather bags

A great handbag is an essential accessory.  We take great pride in our products as well as our personalized customer service.
Magnolia Fine Leather represents a proud tradition of style, quality and craftsmanship. Our impressive range of luxury leather goods including handbags, quality leather wallets and accessories are designed to suit your demanding needs. Blending the finest Argentinian hides with over 100 years of traditional tanning methods, our bags are hand crafted to original designs and radiate a unique quality and elegance.
Whether you are looking for an everyday leather handbag or one for that special occasion, our collection contains the right choice for you.  Our various shapes and sizes as well as our trendy and fashionable styles are a staple in our assortment of leather handbags. Our bags and our wallets are made from the finest materials, designed to function and produced to last. Best of all, Magnolia Fine Leather handbags have that designer look, feel and quality for a lot less.

Please visit us at http://magnolia.itristanmediagroup.com/